No "Foreign Aid" for Radical Environmentalist Green Activism

No "Foreign Aid" for Radical Environmentalist Green Activism - The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance

Aussie taxpayers are forking over $5 billion – $650 a family - every single year to pay for our “foreign aid” program.


Which is why this will horrify everyone: It has just been discovered that much of this money is being used ­to funnel taxpayer dollars to anti-development radical environmental activists and to promote the tax on carbon dioxide.


That’s right. Our hard-earned tax dollars are paying for “non-government” environmental radicals to do the government’s dirty work.


And the taxpayer-funded NGO money that actually makes it overseas? It’s going to bribe countries to support climate change activities, and to fund the very anti-development activism that will keep developing countries in poverty.


This is an absolute outrage. And we need to take action now.


In 2008 & 2009 the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) received over $200,000 in taxpayer dollars for “international aid and development activities respectively” and list AusAID as one of its supporters for the “Climate Project”. This project specifically involves “training presenters to inform the public on the risks and impact of anthropogenic climate change through a presentation similar to Al Gore’s in An Inconvenient Truth.  The Climate Project does not just work to promote the presentation within Australia, but also to bring together representatives from across the Asia-Pacific region to be trained to spread the message in their home countries”


The WWF, which in 2011 received a staggering $1,341,995 in tax dollars in the same year spent $1.3 million on ‘community education’ in Australia. And what is ‘community education’? You guessed it – promoting the carbon tax and new policies to increase costs for Aussie consumers


Both the ACF and WWF Australia were key players in the formation of the ‘Say Yes’ campaign – the leading voice calling for Julia Gillard’s tax on carbon dioxide. And in fact, the Australian Conservation Foundation claims responsibility for lobbying the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee for securing AUD$10 billion in support for the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC).


The list goes on.


The goal of foreign aid is to help other countries.


By giving our money to groups that want to send us back to the stone age, we will all be worse off. This MUST  stop.


These radicals have been shown to embezzle money – and other countries have cut funding. They want to use the Rio conference to ban things like palm oil – hurting not only our beef producers, but keeping developing countries in poverty. And now they are using our own money to make us worse off.


Enough is enough. We need to take action now.


Please sign our petition to the Senate below, and then use our form to contact your local MP and say NO!!!!!


Formal Petition: No Tax Dollars For Radical Environmentalist Political Activism!

 To the Federal Senate: 

We, the undersigned, express our concern at revelations that “environmental” NGO’s are using our taxpayer dollars through AUSaid funds to promote a radical ideological program and fund political activities domestically, and anti-development programs overseas.


Under no circumstances should the Australian foreign aid budget be used to promote an ideological agenda, and we call on an immediate suspension of all funding for environmental NGOs.

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