No Matter Who Wins, We All Lose

Today’s mainstream media circus is in full swing about a potential Rudd Challenge. It’s all anyone can talk about. Who will win? Is Kevin Rudd the Messiah?

The sad reality is: No matter who wins – we all lose.

It is easy to forget that it was Kevin Rudd who got us into the fiscal mess we are now in in the first place: Julie might have kept digging, but it was Kevin who dug the hole.

Don’t believe me? Have a look at Kevin’s track record.

It was Kevin who utterly destroyed our nation’s finances by taking a budget surplus and turning it into a $27 billion deficit in just one year. In two years, it reached a mind-blowing $60 billion.

It was Kevin who brought our Industrial Relations system back to the 1960’s – his Cabinetactually over-ruling Julia Gillard who wanted a more business-friendly system. The result?Plummeting international competitivenesssmall business closures up 48%, and record numbers crippling strikes across Australia.

It was Kevin depressed the economy by bringing  in failed tax after failed tax after failed tax. Remember the alcopops tax, which led to teenagers binge-drinking on spirits? The Mining Tax Mark 1, which would have crippled the most productive sector of our economy? The Superannuation Tax Hike? There is one thing all economists agree on: you don’t raise taxes in an economic downturn. Kevin Rudd hiked taxes not once, but eleven times.

And as for Kevin Rudd’s so-called stimulus, no credible economist – certainly no-one outside the Labor Cheerleaders in the ABC and Fairfax press and some hard-left taxpayer funded academics – believe it did anything but flush our money down the gurgler. In fact,  Treasury got so desperate to pretend it helped, they got caught out faking the numbers in “Stimulusgate” by Professor Sinclair Davidson from RMIT! For a detailed peer-reviewed Analysis shredding Treasury modelling on the stimulus, I’d advise you to read our Deputy Director John Humphreys in the prestigious ANU journal Agenda)

In fact, even The Australian Treasury and the Parliamentary Budget Offices have now admitted that the deficit is structural, unsustainable, and the result of massive over-spending – all done by the Rudd Government.

And if you think Julia Gillard’s plan to censor the media was bad, Kevin Rudd wanted to censor the entire internet!

And this isn’t even going into the debacles of pink batts, school halls, grocery watch, and what Kevin Rudd did to our nation’s borders.

Of course, Julia Gillard took all of this, and made it worse with a tax on carbon dioxide, more spending, and more waste – but at its core, the rot began with Rudd. As I said – no matter who wins this week, we all lose.

Sadly, it seems all our media care about is who occupies the top job – not what they do once they are there.

That’s why we are here at the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance to stand up and fight for all Australians – no matter if the Prime Minister is Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd, Tony Abbott or Mickey Mouse. 

There has never been a perfect politician, and there never will be.

That is why the events in Canberra this week are of secondary importance to us winning the battle of ideas.

The only way we will reclaim Australia is to transform our political landscape. To change the hearts and minds of all Australians to move away from the entitlement handout mentality, and return to the values of hard work, self-reliance, and personal responsibility.

Winning elections is important. Winning the future even more so. 

We need to break free from the cycle of poll-driven focus-group-tested ad-hoc announcements, and return to sound public policy. The only way we can do this is to educate, activate, and mobilise the public.

Politicians respond to incentives. To change what happens in Canberra, we first need to win the battle of ideas, and win over the population. 

In just one year, the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance has become Australia’s largest, and most effective, voice for change. With over 25,000 committed members, our programs are designed to change not just an election, but our entire future. From protests, to media blitzes, to educational programs, to email campaigns – we are making a difference.

We WILL succeed and take us away from the path of unsustainable debt once and for all.

But to do this we need your help: You can’t change the world if you can’t pay the rent. 

Now is a critical time in Australia’s history. This farce in Canberra has to end – before it is too late.

We can make a difference. But we need your help. 

Can you dig deep and invest in our efforts to take back Australia? 

Successful campaigns require resources. We do not have the millions of dollars of the unions or radical left wing activist groups like GetUp! But we do have truth on our side – and we make every, single cent count.

It doesn't matter if it is Julia Gillard or Kevin Rudd who is Prime Minister by the end of this week. What really matters is the big picture: how we change the nation.

Both Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd have proven anti-taxpayer policies that have sent our once great nation down the gurgle. It's time for change.

We can make that change happen - but we can't do it without you.

Please click here to invest $25, $50, $100 – or more! – to ensure we can afford effective campaigning at this crucial juncture. Every dollar, every cent matters - and will make a difference. 

The current circus in Canberra  will be over in a few days – but the mess our country is in will remain. Politicians and the media won’t change it – but the Australian people will.

Please dig deep to  take back Australia.

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