No Wine SuperTax!

They're at it again!

The tax-grabbing nanny-statists at the heart of our Federal Government now want to abolish clean-skins & cask wine - or at least tax it through the roof.

Yesterday, the busybodies at the Australian National Preventative Health Agency, a radical anti-choice activist organisation masquerading as a government agency announced that anyone who purchases affordable wine is a drunk, and must be punished with taxes so high that they'll increase the wine price four-fold.  To make matters worse, these activists are  funded by our taxes to the tune of over staggering $40 million a year!

Enough is enough!

A supertax on wine won't stop problem drinking.

All it will do is hurt already families already struggling after tax hike after tax hike after tax hike, and in particular slug lower income earners.

This is just another tax by a government desperate for cash - and to reduce our individual freedoms.

It's time we stood up to big government trying to tax and regulate  every single thing we do.

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