The ATA October Roundup

Our Monthly Roundup for October 2018 is here. Our aim is to show all of our committed supporters what we are working on and what your support has enabled us to do. It is also a great way to get a concentrated dose of freedom when the nanny state gets you down.


Tackling the PC war on creativity

Very recently, our Policy Director, Satya Marar, found himself at the centre of public debate around the PC police’s latest incursion into popular culture via the destructive ideology of identity politics. Satya was interviewed on national TV and radio stations after his article in defense of beloved television character Apu from The Simpsons - who has been branded a racial stereotype by left wing commentators - was published in The Daily Telegraph:

If anything, Apu’s characterisation is a nod to the perceived positive features of the Indian American community, one of the most financially successful immigrant communities per-capita in that nation...We see an appreciation for enterprise and the desire to fully integrate into a different society while retaining pride in one’s own identity and heritage.”

Read more.

You can also watch Satya’s interview with Peta Credlin on Sky News here.


Your taxes go up in smoke, yet again

Australia’s smoking rates are flatlining, and in some cases increasing, and the National Tobacco Strategy has failed to achieve a single goal despite tens of millions of taxpayer dollars being burned in the attempt. I tried to point out the absurdity of our government’s continuing, extravagant spending on this in the Spectator.


Scomo opens the path to a nuclear Australia

Prime Minister Scott Morrison came out with a bold statement earlier this month that he would be open to lifting Australia’s moratorium on nuclear power if it reduces power prices. Australia remains the only nation in the top 25 advanced economies worldwide which has such a moratorium. We have lobbied for this ban to be lifted, along with a host of others, to help reduce the massive power bills that ordinary Australians are facing. Our 9-point Cheap Energy Guarantee outlines exactly how this could be done. Read more.

Also On The Liberty List

  • Anjali Nadaradjane expanded on our position on South Africa’s troubling expropriation-without-compensation (EWC) proposals, with an article published in Quadrant. Read more.
  • Anjali’s other article, on a brilliant method to reduce income tax while maintaining a social safety net, was published in the Herald Sun. Read more.
  • Eliot Metherell took the NSW government to task over their draconian approach to pill-testing. Read more.
  • Satya Marar explained why putting a minimum ‘floor’ price on alcohol in Western Australia would hurt the poorest people in the community while not changing their drinking habits. Read more.

Notable Mentions:
Each month we will be tipping our hats to the minority of elected officials who have been working to reduce our tax burdens.  
October’s mentions go to:

Craig Kelly MP, the Federal Member for Hughes, who called for a fair go for our motorists through a 10 cent per litre reduction in their fuel excise - a regressive tax which disproportionately hurts the working poor in our city fringes and regional areas who have to commute for work. We’re also happy to mention Nationals Senator John Williams’ reported suggestion of a fuel excise freeze if the international oil price hits $120/barrel. The ATA put out a media release calling for bipartisan support for both suggestions. On ya, Craig and John!

Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham who demonstrated solid stewardship of taxpayer funds by knocking back applications for some of the most ridiculous humanities academic grants we’ve seen yet - including ‘history of men’s dress’($325,592), ‘beauty and ugliness in changing China’s gender norms’ ($161,774), ‘post-orientalist arts in the strait of Gibraltar’ ($222,936) and ‘greening media sport’ ($259,720). Special mention goes to Liberal Senator James Paterson for highlighting the failed grants and the monumental waste of taxpayers’ money which has been avoided. Good work!

Liberty on the Rocks

Liberty on the Rocks is a monthly social event for people who care about freedom, we hold these events all over the country so have a look at the list below to find one near you!

Melbourne - November 2nd, The Imperial Hotel, 2-8 Bourke St, starting at 5:30pm

Sydney - November 2nd, Phillips Foote, 101 George St, starting at 6:30pm

Perth -  November 15th, Raffles Hotel, 70-72 Canning Beach Rd, starting at 6:00pm

Canberra - November 16th, King O’Malley’s, 131 City Walk, starting at 6:00pm

To find a chapter near you and come along to the next meet-up, give our Liberty on the Rocks Australia page a like.


A tribute to Ray Evans

On October 12th we held the 2nd annual Ray Evans Memorial Oration, hosted by Andrew Bolt. Ray was a giant of Australian politics whose passionate zeal transformed centre-right politics and was an inspiration and a mentor to countless individuals.

Ray's friend, and one of the giants of our media landscape, Andrew Bolt, attended to deliver the 2nd Annual Oration. For those of you who missed this fantastic event, you can watch a filmed recording here

Thank you

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