Will PM ScoMo Support Cheap Energy? Or More Of The Same?

The Turnbull era is over. Scott Morrison is our new Prime Minister. 

The deposure of Malcolm Turnbull because of overwhelming public anger at the National Energy Guarantee made one thing crystal clear: Australians demand action on cheaper electricity.

Affordable electricity is the great moral challenge of our time.

But by choosing Scott Morrison as Prime Minister, and Josh Frydenberg - author of the National Energy Guarantee "carbon tax by stealth" as deputy - the message still has not gotten through. 

The entire reason there was a spill was over energy policy. How can they keep going with more of the same?

It is sickening that we have the worlds richest natural resources and the worlds highest electricity prices. It is sickening that pensioners are putting their lives at risk because they can’t afford to pay air conditioning and heating bills. It is sickening that jobs are being lost all over Australia as business after business is being forced to shut their doors.

And it is most sickening that so many out of touch politicians just don’t get it.

We need Canberra to get the message.

This is why we commissioned polling across four electorates which proved conclusively that this is THE #1 issue for voters at the next election.

This is why we have spent the last two weeks in Canberra meeting politicians after politician after politicians explaining to them just how important guaranteeing cheap electricity is.

And this is why we spent months putting together the Cheap Energy Guarantee which provides a sensible, realistic plan guaranteed to reduce our power bills.

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance was founded on fighting – and beating – the tax on carbon dioxide. We have consistently fought for the rights of taxpayers against special interest groups. And we have relied on the generous support of our members to make it happen.

Turnbull’s resignation and the NEG backflip was just the first step. We need to do more. Much more.  And I need your help.

Unlike our opponents on the left, we don’t have unions, multi-million dollar slush funds, or vested businesses bankrolling us. We rely on people like you.  

We need to keep educating the public and pressuring our politicians. But this isn’t cheap. 

In just the last two weeks we spent over $20,000 on our energy campaign. It worked. It made a difference. But now we need to really ramp up the pressure.

Australia needs to dump the destructive Paris Accord, provide certainty for investment, and stop wasting our taxes on green subsidies.

We won’t rest until Scott Morrison and the new Cabinet realise this.

Please invest $25, $50, $100, $250 - or more! - in our campaign for cheaper energy at https://austaxpayers.nationbuilder.com/donate

Every cent will go straight to our campaign to guarantee a cheap energy future for Australia.

The next six months is critical. If we don't change course now, it will be too late. We have a large scale national campaign plan worked out - but without funds, we just can't do it.

As a wise man once said, you can’t change the world if you can’t pay the rent.    

Please dig deep and invest what you can into our campaign for cheaper energy. 

Our nation's future depends on it. 

Thank you for your continued support!

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