QLD Govt Axes Winter Ski Jump Facility in Brisbane

Today's Courier Mail is reporting that Federal Labor is complaining that the new QLD government doesn't want to waste millions of taxpayer funds in constructing ... wait for it ... a winter ski jump facility in Brisbane.

That's right. |They want a multi-million winter ski jump facility not only in sunny Queensland - but in a state suffering from $100 billion on overspending by the previous Bligh government:

THE Queensland government's axing of a winter Olympic ski jump facility in Brisbane has compromised Australia's medal chances, the federal government says.

Sports Minister Kate Lundy says the $6.1 million project at Sleeman Sports Complex would have provided athletes with the optimum training facilities all year round.

The Queensland government’s decision to withdraw its $2.6 million share would disadvantage athletes like Australia’s best aerial skier, Lydia Lassila, and future generations of winter Olympians, she said

Of course, no mention is made by Kate Lundy of the hard working taxpayers who would have had to fund this white-elephant.

As Andrew Bolt notes: "A perfect example of how some people are very free with other people’s money. As in politicians with yours."

Kudos to the Campbell government for ending this lunacy.


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