Stop Subsidising Rugby Australia

Stop Subsidising Rugby Australia - The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance


NO Taxpayer Subsidy for Rugby Australia

Rugby Australia has shown disregard for its players and fans by firing a star player for expressing his religious opinion.

While we support the freedom of contract and association for a private business, Rugby Australia does not behave like a private business. Instead, it receives millions in subsidy from hardworking taxpayers across Australia every year- including a chunk of the government’s whopping $385.4 million sports package this year.

This money props up Rugby Australia’s monopoly as the ‘gatekeeper’ for anyone who wants to build a career playing rugby union.

If Rugby Australia kowtows to its wealthy elite corporate sponsors’ whims whenever a player expresses a dissenting view, then we, the taxpayers who also sponsor it, should have our say.

If Rugby Australia chooses to discriminate or issue effective gag orders against players like a private entity, then it should be weaned off the public purse.

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NO taxpayer subsidy for Rugby Australia.

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