Taxpayers Ripped Off in Space Agency Rort

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance (ATA), Australia’s largest taxpayer advocacy group, today issued a correction to the newly-formed Australian Space Agency’s Dr. Megan Clark’s statement that “there has been no criticism of the spending of taxpayers’ money on [the agency]”.

“Dr Clark’s comment shows just how powerful the human mind is when it comes to ignoring that which we do not wish to hear.” said Satya Marar, Director of Policy. “Throwing millions in public funds that could be better put to schools, roads and hospitals at an Australian space program has rightly drawn immense criticism as it comes at enormous cost to struggling Aussie taxpayers and our families who are more concerned about getting ahead than lavish feel-good projects like this.

“We’ve seen this before. The Australian Space Office in the ‘80s and ‘90s was shut down after nearly a decade spent wasting tens of millions in our taxes, with countless reviews indicating it was not viable. Instead of learning from this mistake, the government has committed $40 million to a new national space agency when their own expert review has stated a minimum budget of $250 million would be needed just to put us in the low range of spending as a percent of GDP compared to other nations with space programs.

“NASA and the European Space Agency both have major operations based in Australia and we have always worked closely and effectively with them to achieve progress in the space industry. There is no justification for the government to run a quarter of a billion dollars a year organisation when the world’s two biggest space agencies are already operating inside our borders and provide us the means to achieve our aspirations without needlessly flushing millions of dollars down the drain.”

“Our politicians keep telling us to tighten our belts as they dig deeper into our pockets each year through income taxes, fuel taxes, alcohol taxes and much more. What credibility do they have if they’re throwing money that isn’t theirs at doomed experiments like this?”

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