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Stop the Attacks on Press & Whistleblowers


Journalists and whistleblowers who expose corruption and abuse by state actors and government agencies are under attack.

  • ATO whistleblower Richard Boyle is facing 161 years in prison for exposing the corrupt culture and aggressive standover tactics used by the ATO to extort innocent taxpayers.

  • Meanwhile, journalists’ homes and offices are being raided by the Federal Police after exposes on government proposals to spy on citizens, and human rights abuse committed by Australian soldiers overseas.

The raids put press freedom and the sources of journalists at risk, with shocking warrants that even give police the power to alter or delete files from computers

Whistleblowers and journalists who risk their lives and careers to uphold the public interest are heroes who deserve the protection of law. Not targets for an establishment which has something to hide.

This Orwellian nightmare has no place in a first-world liberal democracy like ours and must be put to an end.

Use our form below to let your local representative know that the protection of those who hold the powers that be to account must be upheld- and that Attorney General Christian Porter must intervene to stop the persecution of ATO whistleblower, Richard Boyle.

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