Stop Labor's Catastrophic Car Policy

The Australian Labor Party are pushing Australians to buy electric cars which take hours to charge and in some cases don't even have the range to allow drivers to make it from one city to the next. Labor have announced they will force government fleets to be 50% electric by 2025 while all other car buyers will be slugged with up to $1500 in added costs as car retailers are forced to comply with excessive emissions regulations.

The cheapest electric car currently on the market takes 4 hours to fully charge and has a range of just 230 kilometres yet even this costs $50,000 - a massive rip off for a car that can't even get from Sydney to Canberra without stopping for a recharge!

Thousands of regional drivers will suffer as they are forced to purchase expensive, high-end electric vehicles just to get from one town to the next to visit family and friends, as well as travel for work.

Bill Shorten and the ALP are willing to do this just to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 0.13%...

We, the undersigned, call on Bill Shorten to reverse this reckless and unfair policy which will raise car prices across the nation and hurt regional Australians as well as all those who travel across the great distances of our country.

We demand that the Labor Party refuse to jeopardise the cost of living for Australians with this policy - a policy that will have no effective impact on climate change. It is unacceptable to punish Australians purely to virtue signal to the international community.

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