Stop Taxpayers Bailing Out Fairfax!

Stop Taxpayers Bailing Out Fairfax! - The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance

Fairfax is dying.

Since choosing to abandon quality journalism, and become a shill for radical left-wing special interest groups, their stock has plummeted as readers have deserted them in droves.

This graph says it all:


What else would you expect from a company that has given up on journalism and replaced it with cheerleading for radical political causes and campaigns? A company which forced journalists to participate in the anti-innovation, anti-human Earth Hour and forbade them from critically reporting on the idiocy? Is there any wonder they are no longer taken seriously, and their only readers are aging hippy greens?

Yet the Fairfax Board is refusing to change their ways. Why? The answer is simple. They know that when they are forced to declare bankruptcy, their mates in the Labor government will force the taxpayer to bail them out. 

The groundwork has already been layed. Submissions to the Finkelstein Report explicitly called for taxpayer bailouts of publications no-one wants to read. Taxpayer funded academics have lined up to support it78% of Fairfax readers already want the taxpayer footing the bill.

Make no mistake: if Fairfax goes under, WE will be forced to save it. And WE will pay for the left-wing drivel no-one wants to read.

But there is a way out.

Gina Rinehart has offered to step in and save Fairfax. She has bought up almost 20% of their shares, and has a plan to turn it around. To make their publications real newspapers again, and not just mouthpieces parroting the press releases of the Australian Greens. She has dared argue that a newspaper ought to produce content that readers want.

And the radical left are furious.

Julia Gillard's Labor has already introduced legislation to "determine what socially acceptable standards are expected from news media in this country and to legislate appropriately to ensure adherence to them"Labor MP's have been instructed to "sell the idea of a media crackdown" in their electorates. They are so scared of a fair media that the government is now openly calling for a "public interest" test to silence conservatives in the media.

Worst of all, the multi-million dollar far-left activist group GetUp! recently conducted a grubby big-money campaign to prevent Gina Rinehart from taking a seat on the Fairfax Board. And so far, they've been successful.

Despite Ms Rinehart being the largest shareholder and being entitled to board representation, because of her mainstream political beliefs, GetUp! has suceeded in silencing her and stopping her from saving Fairfax.

Make No Mistake: this is a campaign to destroy freedom of speech while forcing taxpayers to foot the bill.  

But it is not too late.

Fairfax CEO Roger Corbett gloated that GetUp's astroturf email campaign gave him the coverage to deny representation to Ms Rinehart.

So let's prove him wrong.

Let's show that Australians want a free, fair, unbiased media without any taxpayer subsidies.

We have created an online portal where you can contact Mr. Corbett, the Fairfax Reader's Editor, and other relevant stakeholders and PROVE that the Australian people will not stand idly by and let GetUp! get away with this.

Together, we can force Fairfax to accept reality.

They need to know that Australians still believe in free speech, not government-supported Pravda-lite rags - so let's send them a message they can't ignore!

Fill in your details below and click send to make the voice of freedom heard! 


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