Stop the Parcel Tax

Stop the Parcel Tax - The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance

The Australian government is going after online shoppers again, with a new tax that will effectively double the price of some of your favourite goods.

That’s right. Less than a year after they voted for a 10% tax on small-value imports bought online, the bureaucrats in Canberra now want to dip their sweaty palms even deeper into our pockets, according to a new paper leaked to Fairfax media.

The new tax will:

  • Impact over 90% of deliveries entering Australia.
  • Likely trigger retaliatory tariffs from our trading partners, undoing hard-won trade agreements and driving prices up even further.
  • Do nothing to make locally produced goods cheaper or more competitive.
  • Only add to existing problems of low real wages growth and rising costs of living.
  • Fund continued reckless spending and waste that has seen Australia’s public debt balloon to over $500 billion dollars, or $40,000 for each Aussie household.

Make no mistake, the new parcel tax is a cash grab from working Australians already struggling under one of the developed world’s highest tax burdens.

Australian families deserve to keep and enjoy more of what they earn. Not less!  

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