Taxation is theft!

at the ATA we seek to minimize that theft as much as possible. Australians deserve to keep their hard earned money: spending it, saving it, and reinvesting it into the economy. The more money in the pockets of individuals the more prosperous our country becomes. Sign onto our campaigns against over taxation Below.

Fight back against the ATO

ATO whistle-blower Richard Boyle is a hero who brought to light the egregious abuse of innocent Australian taxpayers at the hands of the leviathan ATO.

Thanks to Boyle’s revelations, we now know that the ATO had repeatedly engaged in unethical and dubious practices such as issuing garnishee orders to siphon money off taxpayers on the basis of alleged debts- often the result of administrative errors by the ATO. Many hardworking Australians were driven bankrupt or lost their family businesses as a result.


Sin tax on sugar, spice, and everything nice

Health lobbists have started a war on our wallets.

Not content with restrictions and world-leading ‘sin taxes’ on our drinks and smokes, public health lobbyists now want you and your family to pay more at the supermarket every week with a draconian sugar tax, a tax hike on alcohol, and more nanny state intrusions.