Taxpayers Fund $150 Million In Federal Spin Doctors

The Australian Newspaper has revealed that Australian taxpayers are forking out $150 million on an army of spin doctors.
TAXPAYERS are spending about $150 million a year on an army of spin doctors to sell the Gillard government's policies to voters.

Figures obtained by The Australian reveal there are about 1600 staff employed by federal government departments and agencies in media, communications, marketing and public affairs roles.

The Australian Taxation Office, Defence and departments of Human Services, Immigration and Health employ more media and communications staff than any other departments or agencies.

A further 60 media advisers are dedicated to federal ministers and parliamentary secretaries.

The total number of public affairs staff in government is more than five times the estimated 300 journalists -- including reporters, photographers, camera crew and support staff -- in the Canberra press gallery.

And these figures don't even  include the media and communications staff in Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese's department, which refused to reveal how many spin doctors it employed!

I'm sure all the Australian families struggling to make ends meet due to crippling high taxes, must be so relieved their money is going to pay for spin doctors to tell them just how rosy everything is.

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