Taxpayers Funding $15,000 Coffee Machines For Bureaucrats

It seems hardly another day goes by without more outrageous waste of hard-earned taxpayer dollars by our Federal Government.

This one though, is even worse than most. News Limited has revealed that the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science Research and Tertiary Education has spent  $75,000 on buying and installing just five high end coffee machines for its Canberra office.

You read that correctly. $75,000 on just five coffee machines. And that's not all: "Just weeks after Labor handed down its May budget promising spending cuts and budget "restraint", the same department also spent a further $45,000 on a two year deal to service and maintain coffee machines at a separate Canberra office."

At least they did better than the new Carbon Cop, who paid $20,000 on eight Nespresso machines.

So there you have it. High taxes are needed so our bureaucrats can sip the finest quality Columbian non-fat soy caramel machiato lattes with cinnamon that money can buy.

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