The ABC Is Out Of Control

The ABC Is Out Of Control - The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance

The ABC is out of control.

Last week’s disgraceful and unsubstantiated smears are just the latest in a radical ideological campaign by the taxpayer-funded broadcaster.

The ABC’s consistent support of fringe big-government policies, and its consistent refusal to present balanced reporting, is a national disgrace.

The ABC receives a staggering  $1.1 billion in our taxes a year – and for what?

It should surprise no-one that 40% of ABC journalists surveyed admitting voting for the Greens, and a futher 32% for Labor.

And can you name even a single non-left broadcaster on ABC Radio – remembering that the ABC has over fifty radio stations?

Tweaking the ABC Board is not the solution – it’s been tried and failed.

Re-examining the ABC Charter is not the solution – the ABC has shown it can and will ignore its charter

It is time for a wholesale root and branch review of the ABC and its future in Australia.

In an era of unparalleled media diversity in Australia, with the media bringing with it a wealth of diverse independent entertainment and news services, we need to ask the serious questions of what role a taxpayer funded, government run juggernaut has to play.

Do we really need to pay millions for overpaid left-wing ideologue journalists?

Do we really need ABC music-radio dominance destroying the Australian Music scene?

Do we really need ABC blogs crowding out independent online media?

It's time we ask the hard questions and look at the future viability of the ABC.

Use our form below to contact your MP, Senators, & Malcolm Turnbull and demand a review today.  

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UPDATE 2: To clarify, this email will be going to your MP and Senators. As such, please do not be surprised if a Labor Senator responds to you as all Australian States & Territories do have Labor Senators...

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