The Despicable Leftist Attacks on Gina

I just saw on Facebook a paid advertisement for a new group called "Gina Rinehart - Australia says no." With over 500 members since founding, and created with paid advertising, you would think that this group would have some sort of decent critique of the policies she supports.

But no. Like virtually everyone in the modern left, it is simply a mix of sexism, attacks on her physical appearance and vile personal slurs.

The administrators of this group just linked positively to a webpage entitled "Gina Rinehart Australian Dickhead" which describes Ms Rinehart as someone who "resembles a slug-like gangster from George Lucas’s Star Wars".

And here's one of the very first posts made by the Administrators:








I could go on, but you get the idea:

The mature tolerant left at its best...

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