The Environmental Movement's Attack On Food Production

I have a piece in today's Online Opinion on the modern environmental movements' attack on food production and science: 

Today marks the 31st International Food Day, dedicated to raising awareness of the problems facing global food supply. The importance of food security cannot be overestimated: it is predicted that by 2050, the global demand for food will increase by a staggering 70%. But amidst the usual calls for more investment and innovation, the most serious threat to food production has been ignored: environmental groups and their political supporters.

The challenge to agricultural productivity in Australia from green groups is ubiquitous. Green tape has succeeded in removing entire productive fishing zones from use, despite the fact that no marine species in Australian waters is threatened with extinction from overfishing. Legislation to protect "native vegetation" has allowed governments to appropriate land without compensation, and, as a result, vast tracts of highly fertile farmland are now an effective wasteland.

, The most extreme – and senseless – case of the anti-production mindset of the Australian "environmental" movement is the baseless and unscientific attack on enriched food by Greenpeace, which culminated in the criminal destruction of a CSIRO trial wheat crop in 2011.

This campaign against scientifically enriched food truly is bizarre. According to experts like World Food Prize winner Rajesh Kumar, we are currently on the verge of another international agricultural revolutionthat could be as momentous as the "Green Revolution" of the mid 20th century. Spearheaded by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Norman Borlaug, the Green Revolution saved over a billion people from starvation through scientific advancements, including the enhancement of crop yields, the creation of disease-resistant strains, and improved cultivation methods. It enabled higher production at lower costs with less land and fewer pesticides used. These are precisely the sorts of advances which we are on the cusp of today – yet are under attack by organizations like Greenpeace.

Despite their opposition to life-saving scientific advances, these green special interest groups continue to be granted "deductible gift recipient" status as "charities" in Australia, even though Canada and New Zealand recently stripped Greenpeace of this status.

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