The Stangest Objection To Transparency Yet

It wouldn't be the New Year without yet another attack on the ATA through a rerun of the clichéd lefty trope on the international Koch Conspiracy for World Domination. This particular incarnation, coming from Howard Guille writing in the leftist publication Australian Options Magazine, is somewhat fair and balanced, and is mercifully free from some of the hysterical hyperbole usually found in these articles, but contains - quite possibly - the strangest attack on transparency I've seen so far.

The piece primarily discusses our business plan - freely available online since March last year (two months before our formal launch) - and takes particularly aim at our campaign for taxpayer funding to be transparent and accessible to the public:
The danger of this is that the ATA is trammelling on people and insidiously debauching the trust relationships that ‘real’ conservatives put at the heart of civil society.

Even ignoring for a moment that our campaign is about taxpayer funding, and that government - by definition - is diametrically opposite to civil society, it seems the concern of Mr Guille primarily is that if people knew how their taxes were being spent, that this would be "debauching the trust relationship" with the government. This really is quite extraordinary:  Mr Guille  actually seems to be advocating that it be preferable that the public deliberately is kept in the dark to protect "trust" in our officials. That the government knows best, and we should just leave the "experts" to run our lives without even a murmer.

Sadly, this sort of mentality - that the government knows best, shouldn't be questioned, and certainly shouldn't be  scrutinised, sadly seems at the core of today's subservient left. As seen in the attacks on freedom of speech, campaigns for censorship of the internet and so forth, the days of a vibrant left standing up for civil liberties and against the state seem long gone, and replaced with a feeble culture of blind obedience.

We will, of course, continue to fight for transparency and the right of all Australians to know how their money is being spent, irrespective of those who argue we should all be kept in the dark.

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