To pay for the NDIS, kill the waste

Will Dallas Brooks has an interesting article in Quadrant Online:
In 2006, as part of my work in clinical and hospital reform, I prepared a cost benefit analysis of medical services provided by public hospitals in New South Wales. In 2005, there were some 35 million clinical occasions of service provided by the over 360 hospitals, allied health,  paramedical health networks and mental health facilities servicing the NSW population.

The total cost to the State of delivering that care was in excess of $11.6 Billion (which is the cost of delivering and maintaining hospital and associated healthcare facilities, but not GPs). The total cost of full universal healthcare delivery, nationally, was $86.879 Billion (including medicare, GPs, private servicing and pharmaceutical benefits), or about $4,200 for every man, woman and child. Medical care delivery represented about 9.1% of GDP in 2005/06, as part of my original study.

The problem is not the amount of money going into universal healthcare, it is the amount wasted.

My research, delivered to the NSW Department of Health and promptly filed as a “draft” so it can never be accessed as part of any Freedom of Information claim, showed that of every dollar spent by the state, 56 cents was inefficient expenditure.

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