What We've Been Up To

It's been a busy few weeks here at the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance! 

As one of our valued members, I would like to share with you some of the exciting work we have been doing to help restore a more free Australia! 


*Our new website is almost completed! Over six months in the making, and using the same technology as some of the biggest and most influential organisations in the world, this new project will revolutionise out interactions with members and supporters, maximize our impact on politicians, and be a great leap forward for us! If you are reading this - you can already see the new website, and we hope to have it fully rolled out shortly as we finish the last few tweaks! 

*Our Annual Conference this year, the 4th ALS Friedman Conference, attracted 337 participants making it the biggest pro-liberty conference in the Asia-Pacific Region! We've just announced that the dates for next year's conference will be28-30 April, so keep those dates free! 

*We now have an internship programme allowing university students to gain valuable work experience while standing up for our values! If you know anyone interested, please contact our Director of Operations, Celeste Arenas, on carenas@taxpayers.org.au

*Our next event will be a Symposium in Melbourne on October 22nd. Speakers include Senator James Paterson, Professor Sinclair Davidson from RMIT, Terry Barnes from the Institute of Economic Affairs, Lara Jeffery from MyChoice Australia, and Dr Mikayla Novak.  The symposium will be followed by a cocktail style reception where I shall be presenting a talk on the future of liberty in Australia. You can buy joint tickets with our friends at the HR Nicholls Society whose annual conference will be immediately preveeding our event - saving further money on two great functions! You can purchase tickets at https://www.trybooking.com/NEUD 

*Our recent campaign at  www.freespeechaustralia.com calling for reform of the failed s18C  led to over 50,000 emails being spent to Members of Parliament, and is key in ensuring continued pressure on politicians to reform this anti-liberal act! 

*Our "Coalition of Obsolete Industries" Video has been selected as a finalist for the Prestigious "Lights, Camera, Liberty" Award for the best pro-liberty video anywhere in the world! 

*I delivered this speech in Perth on challenges to liberty in the West - and howto overcome them you may find interesting (sorry for the poor video quality!)

*We've written a detailed submission to the Federal Government opposing the job-killing anti-farm backpacker tax

*We've argued that it's time for the government to legalise safer alternatives tocigarettes - you can sign the international petition to support Tobacco Harm Reduction here

*The Reserve Bank is trying to destroy frequent flyer programs - if you benefit from these programs, join our campaign at saveourrewards.com

*We've written extensively on the Victorian Government's proposal to legalise uber - and how they are trying to bring in the world's highest ridesharing tax! 

We have a long road ahead of us. Given what is occurring in Canberra, now more than ever it is vital that we step up our efforts and we thank you for all of your support! 

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