We spoke, they listened.

We spoke, they listened.

Thanks to quick and decisive action by concerned Australians like you, we are extremely proud to announce today that both the government and the opposition have abandoned plans to abolish lender commissions to brokers, which would have forced millions of Australian home buyers to pay exorbitant upfront fees that would make broking services inaccessible for most of us, benefit the big banks by destroying competition, and put over 30,000 Australians out of work.

As reported today in the AFR, both Labor and the Coalition have backed away from their initial proposal to implement every recommendation from the Hayne Report.

This reversal comes after thousands of ATA supporters signed on to support our Mortgage Choices campaign.

Meanwhile, our Policy Director, Satya Marar, has been featured in today’s Daily Telegraph, arguing against the illiberal and anti-consumer changes.

Together, we sent a clear message to all Federal MPs that Australians by and large want to support their local broker rather than allow the big banks to destroy and dominate an entire industry.

This goes to show how quick and effective campaigning can result in both major parties listening to their constituents and avoiding bad policy.

There are still more details to come and there’s no guarantee that mortgage brokers are entirely safe from poorly thought out regulations. But this is a big step in the right direction.

From everyone here at the ATA, we once again would like to thank you for all of your ongoing support, which clearly results in campaign victories and policy wins.

P.S. Unlike GetUp! and other radical extremists who wish to implement dodgy policies that hurt small businesses, the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance does not receive millions of dollars in donations from unions or shady foreign organisations, and relies entirely on the generosity of individual donors to fight for a more free and fair Australia. Every dollar makes a difference. If you would like to see us succeed even further, please donate today.


Brian Marlow

Campaign Director

Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance

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