Why are we sending even more money overseas

Judith Sloan, writing at Catallaxy Files, notes the huge amount of money our taxpayers are giving to the OECD on programs such as:

Program: Helping to shape a global climate change solutionRecipient: OECD (Organisation of Economic Co-operation & Development)Value:  $100,000.OO GST inclusivePurpose:  Development of data-set and methodology to track private climate finance flows to developing countriesApproval date:  31 October 2012Grant Term:  9 monthsGrant Funding Location:  Paris, France

Program:  Helping to shape a global change solutionRecipient:  OECD Climate Change Expert GroupValue:  $60,000.00Purpose:  Contribution to IPEEC for new Buildings Energy Efficiency task groupDate of approval:  23 May 2012Grant term:  12 monthsGrant funding location:  Frankfurt, Germany

Program:  Helping to shape a global change solutionRecipient:  Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development (OECD)Value:  $60,000Purpose:  Voluntary contribution to OECD work of the Climate Change Experts Group (CCXG)Approval date:  17 July 2012Grant funding location:  Paris, France

Andrew Bolt has a further list of grants given HERE.

Our taxes hard at work people.

As Judity Sloan notes: "Does anyone seriously think we will get any value for our $60,000 to HELP TO SHAPE A GLOBAL CHANGE SOLUTION?  Shut the program down and possibly the whole organisation."

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