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The G20′s Most Taxing Issue

Professor Sinclair Davidson, a member of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance Board of Advisers,  recently discussed the issue of international tax competition in International Banker: In Australia, at least, big business pays a very fair share of income tax. According to OECD figures, Australian businesses paid 19.7 percent of total tax revenue in company income tax in 2011, compared to an average of 8.7 percent for the OECD as a whole. In short, there is no [...]

MEDIA RELEASE: G20 Pro-Capitalism “Free The Markets” Rally This Saturday

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance (ATA), Australia’s leading non-partisan grassroots free-market activist body, is proud to announce a coalition of pro-liberty organisations will be rallying in support of free trade and free markets at the G20 summit in Brisbane this Saturday. The rally will be held at 11:00am on Saturday 15th of November at Southbank Parklands, Brisbane. Confirmed speakers currently include The Hon Dr Gary Johns, Director of the Australian Institute for Progress and former Minsiter [...]

G20 Free The Markets Rally

Join us at the G20 Free The Markets Rally!!! Do you want to get involved in the G20 but aren’t important enough to get an invite? Do you have too much common sense and personal hygiene to join one of the many socialist rallies? Do you agree the best way for society to progress is through free markets?Well, here’s the event for you.Our peaceful and family friendly rally will be based on the lawn at [...]

The Foul Stench of Smoking-Related Addiction To Taxpayer Funds

A Question Of Integrity

Monday’s revelation that professional nanny statist Mike Daube blatantly lied to the government and public about the Carmen Debacle is only the tip of the iceberg about the shady dealings of Healthway. The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance has uncovered millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars have been funneled to…  the personal activist groups of Healthway Board Members. Healthway is a taxpayer funded West Australian Government Agency, already under investigation by the Public Sector Commission following a [...]

MEDIA RELEASE: Prof Mike Daube Must Resign; Urgent Investigation Into Healthway Required

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance (ATA) has called for the resignation of Professor Mike Daube from the Board of the taxpayer-funded Healthway, following revelations that he has misled the government and the WA public, and for the West Australian Government to launch a full investigation into Healthway’s administration and finances to ensure its sponsorship dollars are not being misused. Investigations by the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance have also determined that Healthway has distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars [...]

International Tax Hike Agenda Must Be Opposed

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance is proud to be part of an international coalition of 22 organisations to combat proposed new international taxes. Whether it be slugging our corporations, as Joe Hockey has admitted he wants to do, or increasing lifestyle taxes that hurt the poor most, proposals to slug taxpayers around the world must be fought tooth and nail. On the matter of tax competition which Joe Hockey is opposed to, the letter notes: Tax [...]

Media Release: Senator Speaks Sense On Smoking!

David Leyonhjelm Thanks Smokers

MEDIA RELEASE Senator Speaks Sense On Smoking Click HERE for this media release in pdf format Click HERE for  a copy of Senator Leyonhjelm’s Speech Taxpayer advocates today praised Senator David Leyonhjelm (Liberal Democratic Party) for revealing the inconvenient truth about tobacco taxes and for bravely saying “thank you for smoking.” Senator Leyonhjelm today debunked the myth that smokers are a drain on the public health system, illuminating a yearly tobacco tax haul nearly 17 times larger [...]

Newest in ACT Taxpayer Funding: Kill Climate Deniers

From the Territory that bought you Hindenboob Disaster, comes the latest in news you just won’t believe isn’t from the satirical publication The Onion. In the latest round of taxpayer funding doled out by the ACT government comes the following line item: Aspen Island Theatre Company: $18,793 to assist with costs of the creative development of a new theatre work, ‘Kill Climate Deniers’. That is correct. The ACT taxpayer is funding the development of a work called “Kill [...]

ACT Transparency Bill Leap Forward For Taxpayers

Media Release ACT Transparency Bill Leap Forward For Taxpayers; States and Commonwealth Should Follow Suit The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance today welcomed the introduction of the Government Procurement (Transparency in Spending) Bill 2014 in the ACT Legislative Assembly allowing for greater transparency in government spending through the creation of online transparency portals. “We applaud Alistair Coe MLA, Shadow Minister for Planning & Infrastructure; Transport; Urban Services; and Heritage for taking this initiative to increase transparency and [...]

Australia Institute’s Lies Exposed

The far-left Australia Institute’s campaign against the Australian mining industry has been thoroughly discredited as using “massive economic deception” . A comprehensive analysis by the former Secretary of the New South Wales Treasury has revealed the claim that the mining industry receives $17.6 billion of subsidies from state and territory governments as a   “flawed analysis”, “distorted understanding” and “just plain wrong”. This is long overdue – the dishonesty of the Australia Institute’s campaign has been widely known, [...]

Save Sydney From Clover’s Latest Madness

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance strongly opposes plans to build a double-lane cement-bordered cycleway through Castlereagh st in the Sydney CBD. “This is another big-spending, taxpayer-funded ideological crusade by Clover Moore which will have disastrous consequences. If enacted, this plan will create constant traffic gridlock, and will hurt businesses and destroy jobs throughout the entire CBD. Sydney isn’t Amsterdam. We simply don’t have the high-density concentrated population needed to support bike lanes. While Clover’s high-income inner-city [...]

LANDSLIDE! 89.12% think Tony was WRONG to scrap reform of 18C!

We recently conducted a survey of our members on whether Prime Minister Abbott was right to break his pre-election promise to ditch section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. With over 3,000 people taking part – the result was a landslide:                                   In response to the overwhelming view of our membership, our affiliate, FreeSpeech Australia, will shortly be launching [...]

Scrap The Failed Mining Tax!

The Mining Tax Has Failed – it’s time for it to go. Australia’s resources sector has been the driving force behind our economic growth. Mining generates a staggering $138 billion in export income a year – over half of all goods and services – and 175,000 new mining jobs have been created in the last 20 years As Warren Mundine said: Without mining, “we’d all be living in caves”. But all this is under threat [...]

The Carbon Tax Is History!

But so much more to do...

Today is a great day for Australia: the unnecessary, destructive tax on carbon dioxide has finally been repealed! This would have never happened without you. The groundswell of grassroots opposition to the carbon tax was truly historic – and inspiring. Never before have so many people come together to fight such a gross expansion in the size of government. Protests by far-left radical extremists are common. This was different. This was the Australian people rising [...]

Ross Cameron & Dr Julie Novak to Join Our Board of Advisers

We are very happy to announce the addition of Dr Julie Novak and Ross Cameron to the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance Board of  Advisers. Both Ross and Dr Novak have extensive experience in fighting for smaller government, and we look forward to the benefit of their knowledge and expertise! Dr Julie Novak:  Julie is a Senior Fellow with the Institute of Public Affairs. She has previously worked for Commonwealth and State public sector agencies, including the Commonwealth [...]

It has just been discovered that your taxes are being funneled to anti-development radical environmental activists and to promote the tax on carbon dioxide. Please sign our petition, and then use our form to contact your local MP and say NO!!!!!

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