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The Looming Great Green Tax – And You Didn’t Even Know About It!

Green tape is strangling Aussie businesses, killing jobs and driving up costs for consumers and it’s time the Federal Government honoured its commitment to make Australia open for business again. And repealing a stealth green tax about to be made law is the perfect place to start. In the dying days of the Gillard government, great new green tax was rushed through parliament – and you probably didn’t even know about it! But believe me, it will [...]

Gina Rinehart: The Age of Entitlement is Over

Gina Rinehart, arguably Australia’s most successful businessperson, and a consistent champion of liberty in Australia, recently penned an article in Australian Resources and Investment arguing that the age of entitlement is over, and that if we want foreign investment, “we have to put out the welcome mat and provide good business reasons that they should invest here”. It is rare for a business leader to have the courage to say what Ms Rinehart has said [...]

Launching Foundations of Liberty & Free Market Economics In Melbourne!

Most universities teach a biased version of political economy that promotes big government and failed Keynesian policies. In response,  (with the support of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance) last year launched “Foundations of Liberty & Free Market Economcis” in Sydney, to introduce students to free-market ideas, and the people behind these ideas. We are now delighted to announce that we shall be launching Foundations of Liberty & Free Market Economics in Melbourne during Semester [...]

A Win For Freedom!

We are delighted to learn today that Tim Wilson has just been appointed as the new Human Rights “Freedom” Commissioner! Tim Wilson is a great friend of taxpayers and a long-standing and fearless advocate for freedom. This is a great appointment and we look forward to Tim Wilson spearheading the fight to win back our freedoms in his new position!    

Abbott’s Direct Action Disgrace

The Age  reveals today that not only are Tony Abbott and Greg Hunt committed to pushing through their wasteful and ineffective big-spending “Direct Action” plan, they don’t even want to subject it to parliamentary scrutiny! Tony Abbott’s much criticised Direct Action carbon abatement policy can be introduced without legislation, meaning it won’t have to run the gauntlet of a hostile Senate, it has been revealed. Environment Minister Greg Hunt has indicated that the government has [...]


Nothing is more important to a country’s prosperity than economic freedom. The empirical evidence is overwhelming: the more free a country, the higher the economic growth, the higher the living standards, and the more you have in your pocket. Civil and political rights are higher in economically free countries, the environment is better looked after, and the poor are lifted out of poverty fastest. This makes logical sense to us all: where would you rather [...]

ATA Post-Election Party!

It is with great pleasure that I would like to invite you to the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance post-election party! This election saw many pro-liberty persons and ATA members elected to the Federal Parliament thanks to the hard work and efforts of our supporters. What better opportunity than to unwind after the stresses of the election campaign with other lovers of liberty? As an extra bonus: Senator-Elect David Leyonhjelm from the LDP will be joining us!  Many [...]

Taxpayers Condemn Barnett For GST Hike Call

  Media Release Taxpayers Condemn Barnett For GST Hike Call The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance today condemned calls by West Australian Premier Colin Barnett for an increase in the Goods and Services Tax to pay for increased Federal Spending “Premier Barnett’s call for a GST hike to pay for overspending is an assault not just on hard working taxpayers, but on sound economics and plain common sense” said Tim Andrews, Executive Director of the Australian Taxpayers’ [...]

Likely Senate Results Victory For Taxpayers

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance today celebrated the predicted victory of minor parties in the Australian Senate as a strong victory for taxpayers and small government “Current projections show this will be the most taxpayer-friendly senate in recent history” said Tim Andrews, Executive Director of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance. “The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance has previously praised David Leyonhjelm and Bob Day as having the most taxpayer-friendly policies of any Senate candidates. The addition of two senators [...]

Stiglitz & Australia

A number of people have recently pointed out to an op-ed by far-left economist Joseph Stiglitz saying that Australia has nothing to worry about economically speaking. While it is true we are in a far stronger position than many other counties, a result of the legacy of previous governments, I wish to point out one fact. Most serious economists now admit that one of the core reasons for the GFC was the role of Government [...]

FACTCHECK: Religion, Tax & Regulation

A number of political parties in the upcoming Federal Election, such as the Australian Sex Party and the Secular Party have, as adopted as part of their policy platform a call to end the tax-exempt status of religious non profits. As presented by these parties, there is a special religion-only loophole in our tax system which specifically exempt religious non-profits from paying tax at the expense of everyone else. The problem with this is that [...]

This Government Has Got To Go

Every day this week I’ve been getting the same sort of emails: “Saturday won’t matter, they’re all the same, nothing will change, why should I bother”. This argument is flat out wrong and you should reject it for one simple reason: The current Federal Government has advanced the greatest assault on individual freedoms and sound economic management we have seen in over three decades. As you would be well aware, I have frequently criticised Tony [...]

FACTCHECK: Did Kevin Save Us From The GFC?

There are many lies being spread this election season, but none more galling than the claim by Prime Minister Rudd that he “saved” us from the Global Financial Crisis. Sadly, it seems many Australians still believe that Kevin throwing $80 billion dollars away, and spending us deep into debt, was a good thing. To combat this, we have prepared a short fact sheet detailing the myths and facts about the so-called stimulus. Every point is researched [...]

Which Party Has The Most Taxpayer-Friendly Policy in the 2013 Federal Election

A sad reality of the 2013 Federal Election is that there is little difference between the major parties in terms of offering taxpayer relief. While the Coalition’s plans to scrap the carbon tax, MRRT, and slightly reduce our corporate tax rate is certainly welcome news, the relief this will give struggling households will be minimal. As such, we’ve combed through the tax policies of all the major parties to determine which have the most taxpayer-friendly [...]

The Great Interactive Taxing Game

Learn Liberty released a fun new video today with Professor Art Carden from Samford University about what happens when government raises taxes. Viewers will be able to “pick their own adventure” and choose which group they want to tax. Based on which group you choose, you’re led to another short video explaining the consequences of taxing that group. So if you were a government official trying to raise revenue, would you choose to levy taxes on [...]

It has just been discovered that your taxes are being funneled to anti-development radical environmental activists and to promote the tax on carbon dioxide. Please sign our petition, and then use our form to contact your local MP and say NO!!!!!

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