Nuclear Power for Australia


Australia is home to the world’s largest uranium reserves and ample reserves of Thorium.

Yet foolish decisions by successive governments mean that we are the ONLY advanced economy in the world to ban this cheap, clean and reliable source of energy for our own use.

Repeated scientific inquiries have found that Australia is ideal for nuclear power. Nuclear energy produces power at a fraction of the per-unit cost of coal or natural gas and has a fraction of the carbon emissions of a solar or wind plant.

Now with new innovations around the world in countries like the UK, UAE, Turkey, Argentina, India and China where it is expanding, the costs of starting up a nuclear plant and the output of waste are both trending rapidly downwards.

It’s about time that our governments did away with our ill-conceived and outdated ban on nuclear energy so we can finally take advantage of this great land’s natural gifts to deliver our families and businesses cheap, reliable and clean power that will improve our living standards, invigorate the economy, and turn Australia into the competitive international powerhouse we deserve to be.

Complete our form and let the federal and NSW state government know that you support a cheap and clean and innovative nuclear power future for Australia!


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