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Australians demand action on cheaper electricity!

And we need you to contact all Coalition MPs and demand TRUE reform – not another carbon tax by stealth.

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The 2019 Friedman Conference is Coming!

The World Taxpayers Associations host their 17th Biennial Conference in Sydney Australia in conjunction with the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance and the 7th ALS Friedman Conference!

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Taxpayers and working families will pay the price for Kerryn Phelps’ climate crusade.

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Credit for All

The new laws on small loans and consumer goods leasing could see millions of families denied access to credit and consumer goods.

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Stop Shorten's Retiree Tax

Bill Shorten's new retirement tax will deprive you of up to a quarter of your Superannuation savings.

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It's Time to Reform the ATO

ordinary taxpayers are being shaken down using draconian powers with little accountability

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Give Fishers a Fair Go!

The evidence overwhelmingly shows that well-regulated spearfishing has minimal effects on reef health, fish population or the environment.

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Fight Vic Police's Extortion Of Lauren Southern!

Protecting people from violence literally is the core duty of the police, but they want to charge Lauren $68,000 for it! Contact the Victorian Police Minister with our online portal today!

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Stop the Parcel Tax!

The Australian government is going after online shoppers again, with a new tax that will effectively double the price of some of your favourite goods.

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Hands off our Codeine!

As of now, Australians can no longer purchase codeine over the counter at their pharmacy. This ban hurts us all.

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Make Taxes Fair!

The American government has taken decisive action by providing tax relief for workers, families and businesses. It’s time our elected representatives did the same. Unless parliament acts now, Australia could drive itself into recession.

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Our Money, Our Right to Know

Every day the Australian government spends over a billion dollars of taxpayer funds, yet we have no idea where to or how. Let's bring Australian politicians up to speed with the rest of the world with a transparency portal.

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