Stop the leftist trolls’ war on free speech!

Conservative and libertarian voices in the media are under attack, as extreme left trolls attempt to deprive right-leaning journalists, politicians and commentators of a platform by pressuring advertisers to withdraw their sponsorship.

Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine and even former Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonjhelm, are just some of the targets of nefarious trolls calling themselves the ‘Sleeping Giants Oz’.

As a result of their efforts, companies including NIB, Hyundai, Hotondo Homes and Scenic Cruises have pulled sponsorship from conservative programs, pressuring media platforms and TV stations to reduce the representation of right-leaning voices.

Now, Pizza Hut has become the latest corporate to give in to the trolls’ bullying campaign – pulling all of their advertising out of Sky News, just because it committed the crime of giving conservatives and libertarians a platform.

All this in an already divisive and imbalanced media space where left-wing voices easily find a home at the taxpayer-funded ABC or a number of left-leaning private TV programs.

What the companies don’t realise is that this is all an illusion.

Over 43 percent of ‘Sleeping Giants’ tweets sent to bully sponsors of Sky News in the early months of this year, came from a single taxpayer-funded academic in Adelaide with far too much time on his hands.

When the group attempted a rally outside News Corp offices, only a handful of protesters and extreme left politicians looking for a soap-box, turned up!

But this hasn’t stopped “Sleeping Giants Oz” from producing thousands of tweets, successfully pressuring companies, including Pizza Hut, to panic under the false premise that a genuine grassroots movement is targeting them.

The time has come for us to strike back.

Only an organised and cohesive response can stop these bullies in their tracks, while supporting the free discourse and robust media we need to uphold liberties in Australia’s liberal democracy.

Use our form below to contact advertisers to let them know that we’re not going to take it if they are complacent in the political agenda of extremist online trolls.

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