Release: Tobacco import ban is just a smokescreen

This law is about exerting social control over Australian adults, not about stopping illegal tobacco smugglers. Under current rules, customs already checks incoming packages for tobacco when they come through the mail, and Australians must pay the required duties to secure the product. The loss of this revenue stream only means more taxes levied on the rest of us to fund government waste and largesse.

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Brian Marlow
Release: Jackie Trad Must Stop Taking Taxpayers For Fools

Jackie Trad says that she’s only driving Queensland deeper into debt to fund the infrastructure that Queenslanders need. Yet her government is simultaneously splashing $320,000 in taxpayers’ funds to fly in Al Gore to lecture Australians about opposing mining projects which are crucial to the state’s revenue base. She is clearly taking hardworking taxpayers for fools.

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Brian MarlowMining, Energy